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As you might expect, there will be an auction at the end of YAPC::Europe, hosted by the incredible Greg McCarroll (‎Greg‎). We already have quite a bunch of interesting things to auction off, but we're still looking for more.

Eg: T-Shirts from past and upcoming Perl events, Books, Haircuts, T-Shirt-Colors (or fabrics), Names of unborn children, .. we'll take everything! Just drop us a line...

The net profit of the auction will go to next years YAPC::Europe, so even if you do not donate anything to auction off, come packed with cash to not only buy cool merchandise (or funny items), but also support Perl! (We'll take payments in any currency that's exchangeable into Euros, plus credit cards...)

More Auction Items

If you have any goodies to Auction off, add them here (and please inform us, too, by sending an email to )

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