Perl Job Fair

At the second day of the YAPC::EU 2007 - the 29th of August - a job fair will take place in the foyer of the venue from 10:30 until 17:30.

Looking for a perl developer?

At the YAPC::EU 2007 your company will get the opportunity to meet over 300 Perl hackers from all over Europe at a single spot.

All companies participating in the job fair will get a

  • table in the foyer of the venue for one day (you can bring your own stand with up to 10m²)
  • opportunity for a short (5 minutes) company/job presentation in one of the lecture rooms
  • link to your website/job description/HR page from the conference jobfair page (this page)
  • company/job description in the printed handouts/proceedings

The stand fee is 500€. All sponsors with minimun amount of 1000€ will also be eligible to participate in the job fair. All profit will be used to fund further Perl 5|6 development, future YAPC::Europes and for advancing Perl usage / the Perl community in Austria. Please contact us for details about special packages (eg. additional material in the proceedings/goodie bag).

The job fair stands will be located in the main hall on the first floor of the venue, next to the Morgan Stanley Audimax main conference room. Also the buffet and drinks will be there, so you get a chance to visit the jobfair as often as you wish.

Registration deadline was the 17th of August.

Looking for a Perl job?

Meet new potential employers at the YAPC::EU job fair. You can visit the YAPC::EU jobfair even if you don't participate in the conference.

Companies at the job fair

in alphabetical order

BOOKING.COM Geizhals Preisvergleich Google heise online i5invest - driving your startup to success Morgan Stanley nfotex Shopzilla Venda VeriSign

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