Getting to Vienna

... by plane

Vienna's main airport is Vienna International Airport (VIE), which offers connections to most major cities in Europe and the rest of the world. The airport is connected to the city by the City Airport Train - CAT which takes 16 minutes from the airport to the city center. There's also the regular "Schnellbahn" which takes 25 minutes and is much cheaper. If you're arriving late (after ~23:30) you can take a bus or a taxi.

Both Schnellbahn and CAT stop at "Wien Mitte". From there it's five stops with the subway (U4 line) to the venue.

Alternative airports (served by low-cost carriers not going to VIE) are Linz, Graz (both in Austria) and Bratislava (capital of Slovakia).

Linz (LNZ) is located ~190km west of Vienna. There is a regular train service going at least once an hour. The train takes 1.5 to 2 hours and costs 27.50 Euro for a single ticket.

Graz (GRZ) is located ~250km south of Vienna. Trains take ~3 hours and cost 29.70 Euro.

Bratislava (BTS) is ~50km east of Vienna, in Slovakia, and worth a days visit. There are various bus shuttle services from Bratislava Airport (be advised to buy the bus tickets as soon as possible if you arrive late) to Vienna, taking one to one-and-a-half hours. The buses arrive at the Erdberg subway station (U3 line). Another nice way to get from Bratislava to Vienna is to use the new Twin City Liner, a high-speed catamaran with jet propulsion. It takes 1.5 hours and is more expensive than the bus, but you'll get to see some nice countryside (national parks). Book ahead. The Twin City Liner can be embarked in the centre of Bratislava opposite "Hotel Danube" and lands at Schwedenplatz in the centre of Vienna. From there it is four stops with the subway (U4 line) to the venue.

Airlines serving one of the above mentioned airports

... by train

Depending on where you live, travelling to Vienna by train (especially with an overnight sleeper) can be quite cheap and relaxing. And it's good for the environment :-)

You will either arrive on Westbahnhof (if you're coming from the north and west or Linz, eg Germany or France) or Südbahnhof (if you're coming from Graz, the south or east, eg Italy or SEE). Westbahnhof is only a few subway-stops (U6) from the venue. Südbahnhof is a bit farther away, but it should not take longer than 30 minutes to get to the venue (using subways U1 and U4)

... by car

We do not advise you to come to Vienna by car. Parking places are scarce and expensive. You should probably try to leave your car at the hotel parking (if there is one) or outside Vienna (there are some Park & Ride facilities on the outskirts from where you can catch the subway). You have to buy parking tickets for the inner districts (1-9 and 20, the venue is in the 9th district) and parking time is limited to two hours.

... by bike

There's a very nice and famous bike tour along the Danube from Bavaria to Vienna called Donauradweg (in German).

Getting around in Vienna

Download directions for the venue

... by public transport

The public transport system is very good. There are several subway lines and "Schnellbahn", and loads of bus- and tramway lines. You need to buy tickets in advanced, either "Streifenkarten" which you have to stamp prior to each journey, or a (multi-) day card (which is also cheaper than Streifenkarten). More information is available on the website of Wiener Linien (click the "tourist information" button).

... by bike

Scattered throughout the inner districts of Vienna are the so called Citybikes. After registering (I recommend using the website) you can lend a bike from one of 50 stations free for one hour. If you lend it longer, you'll have to pay 1 Euro for the next hour, then 2 Euros, etc...

There are lots of bicyle tracks, but you still need to take care of pedestrians (who often do not realise that they are walking on a bike track) and cars (because the are definitly stronger than you...)

... on foot

Vienna isn't that big, so you can walk to a lot of places (especially in the center). Please note that you should definitly obey the traffic lights. If you cross the road at a zebra crossing without traffic lights, you (as a pedestrian) have the way of right. It does pay off to check that drivers noticed you, though. You should also try not to walk on bicyle tracks (which can be hard to identify in some places...)

... by taxi

Taxis are quite expensive, but you won't get tricked. If you need one, you can either ask somebody (waiter, etc) to call one or try to locate a taxi stand. It is rather uncommon to catch an empty taxi driving around.

Getting to the venue

Download directions for the venue

... by public transport

Subway lines U4 (green color code) and U6 (brown color code) stop next to the venue. Get out at station "Spittelau" and walk towards Liechtenwerderplatz. You can also take a tramway: The 'D' line stops right in front of the venue (station "Liechtenwerderplatz"). Lines 37 and 38 are also close, they stop at "Nußdorferstraße / Döblinger Gürtel" which is two blocks from the venue. Other public transports include autobus 35A, 37A and Schnellbahn S40.

... by bike

There are plenty of bike racks in front of the venue. If you don't come with your bike to Vienna there is a Citybike rental point next to the subway station.

... on foot

Hotel Belvue and Hotel Arkadenhof are within easy walking distance to the venue.

... by car

You really should consider different means of transport. If you have to come by car there is a paid parking garage in the venue (access from Liechtenwerderplatz and Althanstraße; 2,7€ per hour).

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