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R Geoffrey Avery (‎rGeoffrey‎) usually brings card games, such as Fluxx, but is there any interest in anyone playing a German style board game one evening during the conference? I can bring Carcassone (Hunters and Gatherers) and may well be buying a game or two while in Vienna. Also interested in playing Amun-Re, Ra, Princes of Florence, Medici or other recommended games - Barbie

I'd be interested, but I don't know yet if I'll have time... Anyway, if you're into "german style" board games, check out Spielerei on Mariahilferstraße 88a, which is the best shop for such games in Vienna. - Thomas Klausner (‎domm‎)

I'm very interested. I could bring the original "Carcassonne" (with extensions) or "Bang!", a nice 7-player card game. - Darko Obradovic

I could bring ZugUmZug, more Caracassone and Siedler (and possibly others, depends on the luggage space!) Hmm, the Catan dicegame will certainly fit ;) - Jess Robinson (‎castaway‎)

I've got Carcassone (with several, but not all) extensions, a very interesting Lord of the Rings game (where all player play together against the game (aka Sauron), and some other games. Formally, they belong to my kids, but I think they won't object if I take them to the BOF. And it's of course far easier for me to bring some games, than for people not coming from Vienna. - Thomas Klausner (‎domm‎)

Oh, and there are also some pubs which rent out board games (for free). I'll try to get a list ...

Is this a good BOF to arrange for either Tuesday or Thursday night? Barbie

Games making the trip

Campaign Secrets

I will be bringing my copy of and a dozen for the auction. Last year I brought 8 which went for 20 pounds each. -- R Geoffrey Avery (‎rGeoffrey‎)

One of those people were me. I'll be bringing my deck along -- David Landgren

Fluxx (Wikipedia)

One of the earliest YAPC cardgames. The rules are constantly changing, one might even say they are in Fluxx. -- R Geoffrey Avery (‎rGeoffrey‎)

Chrononauts (Wikipedia)

Time traveling you way to victory. Three ways to win. -- R Geoffrey Avery (‎rGeoffrey‎)

I thoroughly enjoyed this game in Belfast and look forward to a good
Chrononauts session in Vienna -- David Landgren

Great Dalmuti

A game where life is not fair, and past performance really influences future results. -- R Geoffrey Avery (‎rGeoffrey‎)

6 Nimmt

A quick game to learn and play.

The Settlers of Catan (Travel Edition)

A superb game and probably the most well known "German" style board game. This travel edition means you can play just about anywhere. See the Wikipedia entry for a description of the game.

Games & Players

Seeing as there seems to be some interest in a BOF, it would be worth seeing whether there is suitable interest in each game mentioned. If you are up for a game of any of the following, add yourself to the list. This might help decide what we play and save several people bring the same game and it never getting played. If there is time, it might also be possible to arrange games on each night.

Die Siedler von Catan / The Settlers of Catan

Carcassonne (original with or without extensions)

Hunters & Gatherers (a variant of Carcassonne)

Great Dalmuti

Any game

You bring it and I will probably play it.

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