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We need to figure out who's coming to the dinner. So we're handing out tickets. Please fetch your ticket from the registration desk.

General information

Please read on to get information on

  • why no additional registration is required for the dinner
  • when and where the dinner will take place
  • how to reserve additional seats (for people not attending the conference)
  • what you have to do if you have already paid
  • or are a speaker or a sponsors attendee
  • what food will be available there

The attendees dinner is included in your conference fee (all tariffs, speakers and sponsor attendees), there is no additional fee or registration required for the attendees dinner.

The dinner will take place on

Wednesday, 29th August 2007, 19:00

at the classical "Wiener Heurigen" (wine tavern)

Weingut Schilling
Langenzersdorfer Strasse 54, 1210 Wien

For every registered user (attendee, speaker, sponsors attendees) we assume that you will be coming alone to the attendees dinner. If you will not be coming alone to the dinner, please update the field "Coming with" at according to the amount of people who will be coming in addition to you. Every additional person attending the dinner will have to pay 20€ cash at the welcome desk / registration on the first day of the conference.
If you do not plan to attend the attendees dinner, please let us know via email to

Speakers, sponsors attendees and those who have already paid their conference fee (80, 100 or 200 EUR) have their seat already reserved, no action required.

Registered users, who have not purchased their conference ticket yet, please do so by logging in to our conference website and following the "purchase your conference ticket" link or use this direct link

Seats will be reserved in order of received payments, our beloved and fair "First come, first serve" principle!

The dinner itself will be a buffet with a fine selection of typical austrian dishes. Vegetarian food will be available too! If you are vegan or have any other restrictions on food the chef will take care of that right at the dinner, just let us know before the dinner. The welcome drink is also included, all other drinks have to be paid separately.

There'll be a shuttle bus to/from the dinner. But public transport to/from Weingut Schilling is very ok too. It's just 35' from the venue (U6 -> Floridsdorf, then tram 26 + 5' per pedes).

See you at the dinner

The YAPC::EU 2007 organisers

Shuttlebus leaves the venue at 18:30.

Please pick up your ticket at the registration desk.

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