Call for Papers

The Call for Papers is over

Thanks for submitting such a large number of interesting talk proposals. The orgas will now lock themselves up in a room for the next two weeks and try to decide which talks to accept (and then continue with the horrors of seting up a schedule...)

Speakers will be notifyed at the latest on Friday, 15th June 2007. Around that time you will also be able to see the list of all accepted talks here on our website.


Number of submitted talks103
Number of speakers64
Average number of talks/speaker1.61
Average talk length in minutes38.74
Total length of all talks in minutes3990
Total length of all talks in hours66.5
Available time in minutes (if we do 3 track, plus hackathons)3240
Available time in minutes (if we do 4 track, plus hackathons)3960
Talks submitted by members of Vienna.pm1
Most talks submitted byBarbie (6 talks)
First talk submitted (via email) byJuerd, on Sat, 2 Sep 2006, via email
First talk submitted (via the website) bySebastien Aperghis-Tramoni (Maddingue) on Wed, 15 Nov 2006 15:56:47
First talk submitted (that's not a real talk, but a lightning talk and only listed here because the author send threatening mails) byPhilippe Bruhat (BooK) on Wed, 15 Nov 2006 15:45:04
Most edits of a submitted talkSimon Clinch (56 edits)
Talks submitted after the deadline because the submitters computer broke or the submitter had his/her stuff on an inaccessible machine or the submitter was lost hiking in Scandinavia and Russia5

Key dates

Proposal Submission Deadline: Sunday, 27th May 2007
Speaker Notification: Friday, 15th June 2007
Slides Deadline: Sunday, 22nd July 2007


The theme for this year's conference is "Social Perl", which we hope will inspire submissions for this and related topics. If Perl has helped you or your company to get people together, or if you can report how Perl is "social" to other programming languages, or how Perl may profit from inspirations from other languages, we'd like to hear about it. Although this is our main topic for the conference, it will not be the only one, and as such we will also be accepting talks on just about any theme.

If you have an idea for a talk you'd like to give, or a topic you'd like to hear a talk on, you may like to post a synopsis on our conference wiki to see what others think. Proposed talks with a favourable response on the wiki have a better chance of getting accepted!

How to submit proposals

Please submit your proposals at the conference web site no later than 23:59 GMT on Sunday, 27th May 2007.

Each submission should be for one talk only, and include:

  • a brief bio
  • the talk title
  • the proposed length for the talk
  • a brief description of the talk.

An outline of the main points can also be helpful, and is required for tutorial proposals.

All accepted speakers, except lightning talk only speakers, will have their registration fee waived.

Type of talks

We will be offering a number of time-slots for talks:

  • Standard: 20 minutes (the preferred format)
  • Long: 40 minutes
  • Tutorial: 60-90 minutes
  • Hack-a-thon / BOF / Workshop: 3 hours

The preferred format is a 20 minute talk. It is expected that the majority of talks will be of this length.

Long talks are reserved for experienced speakers covering large topics. If you have an in-depth topic you would like to present in some detail, perhaps with considerable discussion, a double-slot may be available. However you should also consider splitting it into two standard talks (perhaps an introduction and a more advanced talk).

Tutorials are available for beginner and introductory style presentations.

The three-hour slots are intended for a group of people who want to discuss a topic in depth, or even hack on some code. This events will take place in a fully equipped computer lab.

Conference organisers reserve the right to change the length assigned to a talk, if deemed appropriate.

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