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See the Vienna page for more things to see, but these come highly recommended from a tourist ;)

  • Donauturm - Well worth a trip in the revolving restaurant, and the food is great. Need to book if you want an evening meal, but just turn up during the day. Observation platform is below the restaurant.
  • Gasometer - Converted gas storage tanks. Now includes student accommodation and a shopping mall.
  • Schloss Schönbrunn - Schönbrunn Palace and the fantastic gardens. Included in the gardens are the Desert House, Botanical Gardens and the Vienna Zoo. On the hill you can also visit The Gloriette
  • Museums_in_Vienna">The Museums - Vienna is blessed with several museums and art galleries. Just taking a walk outside around them is breath taking.
  • Ruprechtskirche - The oldest standing church in Vienna.
  • Riesenrad - The Ferris Wheel made famous via Orson Wells in The Third Man, and also featured in the James Bond film The Living Daylights. Part of the Prater amusement park.
  • Energy - The waste incineration chimney. Right next to the venue in Spittlau, so not hard to miss :)

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