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Some suggestions what to do on Tuesday Evening. Probably there will be some locals guiding visitors around, but this has to be decided yet.

Bar-Crawl Donaukanal, Prater

Meeting at 19:00 at the venue (outside)

There are several nice bars / clubs along Donaukanal. As the Donaukanal flows right behind the venue, this Bar-Crawl could start with a ~20 minutes walk from the Venue up to Summerstage. They serve decent food, and also offer activities like Boule and Beach Volleyball. If you do not want to walk, you can take the U4 (subway) up to Rossauer Lände.

The next stop is Flex, on of Viennas best clubs. We won't enter the proper club (as there is a door fee, and it start rather late), but can rest a bit at the Flex Cafe.

We continue along Donaukanal, where there are several restaurants, should anybody be starving. On the other side of the canal, there's a "urban beach" called Adria Wien. Another interesting venue is the Badeschiff, which is a swimming pool swimming in the Donaukanal, plus a restaurant/bar/club. If you've packed bathing trunks, you can swim a few rounds!

A few meters on is Strandbar Herrmann, located directly on the Donaukanal, with lots of sand and deck chairs.

If this isn't enough yet, we can continue into the second district, onto the Prater. Along the way it's only a short detour to 'a bar shabu,, contemporary.likörstube and urban.heuriger (right next to the Mercure Imlauer Nestroy Wien). They serve quite a lot of different brands of absinth. Ask Barbie about it!

Next stop is at Fluc, another very nice and hip club with a free overground area, and the famous Fluc Wanne located in an old pedestrian underpass (usually there's a fee, but it's free entry on Tuesday!)

Right behind Fluc is the big Prater amusement park, with loads of rides and places to eat and drink.

Note: This walk covers quite some distance (~5 kilometers), but there are several subway stations along the way.

Note: If the weather is bad (i.e. raining) this walk won't make much sense, as most of the suggested venues are open air (or the covered areas won't offer enough place for a semi-large crowd)


Film Festival at Rathausplatz

If you prefere a bit less action, you might want to visit the Rathausplatz Film Festival 2007. It features a big screen showing first-rate music programme plus
22 top caterers spoiling visitors from morning until midnight with Swiss, French, Brazilian, and Caribbean cuisine.


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