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Purchasing Conference Tickets

Conference tickets can be purchased right on our conference website. It is also possible to pay directly on site on the first conference day at our welcome desk.

You can do that by following this simple steps:

Accepted payment methods are creditcard and bank transfer.
You can download an invoice after buying your ticket and are of course commited for the conference dinner.

If you are required to have an invoice sent to you prior to buying your ticket please send a mail to with the following information.

  • Company Name and Address
  • Fax Number
  • Names and tariff (only regular or business) of attendees

Please note that as we are a tax-exempt organization, we have no VAT-number and are not allowed to have any tax denoted on our invoices.

Payment information for bank transfer

For bank transfer please use the following bank account.
Please always make sure to include the following transaction text for your bank transfer:
yapceu07_<userid> (e.g. yapceu07_1223)

Inland Transfer

AccountNr: 2776474
BLZ: 32000
Bank: Raiffeisen

International Transfer

IBAN: AT133200000002776474
Address: Max Winter Pl.6/32, 1020 Wien, Österreich

Ticket Refund

As it happens from time to time, people are unable to attend the conference due to busy schedules or other real-life issues. Therefor we will refund your ticket under the following conditions.

- 10 days notice before conference - 100% refund
- 5 days notice before conference - 50% refund
- on the day of the conference and later - sorry, no refund

Currently we do not distinguish between payment methods, so a refund is also possible for creditcard payments.

We require your bank account for transfer, so please provide this information.

Please contact us here:

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