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Stuff you'd like to hear about

Please tell us (and potential speakers) topics you would like to hear about

  • Perl6
  • Testing
  • diff -r perl5.8 perl5.10 (Thomas Klausner (‎domm‎))
  • Catalyst vs Jifty vs RoR vs Django (or introductions to all of them) (Thomas Klausner (‎domm‎))
  • Cool uses for Jabber / XMPP (Markus Monderkamp)
  • Perl application deployment strategies - How to make M::I, M::B, EU::MM etc. play nicely with RPM, DEB and other software distribution systems? How to make dependencies work across distribution systems?
  • How to improve CPAN as a tool that supports software communities - What metadata/tools do we need to make it easier for anyone to contribute?

Stuff you'd like to talk about

You can present your talk ideas here to get some feedback before actually proposing a talk:

  • "Techniques for Remote System-Monitoring using perl and ssh" (Roland Giersig) covering:
    • connecting to systems in a safe way via ssh (not using
    • discussing when is the way to go
    • running perl scripts on other systems without installing them (or the modules they need) there
    • collecting information from several remote systems at once
  • Catalyst (jrockway + others, probably!)
    • I have a few Catalyst talks prepared. If you want to hear one (or more), let me know by editing the page:
      • Angerwhale (filesystem blogging with Catalyst, mixed with crypto and OpenID)
      • Catalyst + IRC -based social networking; learn how to build a web 2.0 web site from the ground up with DBIx::Class, Catalyst, and TT. Also coverse POE for the IRC bot part.
      • Building Catalyst Applications; learn how to use DBIx::Class + TT + Catalyst + lots of plugins to build a fairly complete web application
      • Learning Catalyst; intro to Catalyst and MVC in general
  • cool, go ahead and submit them :-)

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