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What's a hackathon

A hackathon is a moderated workshop with a specific topic where experienced users and newbies can get together and share experience, improve parts of the featured project or step through some project internals.

YAPC::Europe 2007 hackathons

The conference will allow for up to 4 hackathon sessions. The session will be approx. 3 hours in a dedicated lab. The hackathon moderator will give a short introduction (approx. 30min) into the topic and then... hack, hack, hack...

Moderators should prepare some tasks to work on. As the crowd probably consists of beginners and experienced project members tasks for both user groups should be prepared and selected after the project introduction.

Sponsored traveling

For those willing to moderate a hackathon session we'll be able to provide a sponsoring for travel/accomodtion of up to 500 EUR.

So if you want to hold a hackathon at YAPC::Europe 2007, please contact the mailing list.

Hackathon sessions registered

  • none so far...

Suggested hackathon topics

  • Catalyst
  • POE
  • DBI
  • mod_perl
  • Parrot / Perl 6
  • Perl Testing
  • ... you name it ...

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