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Gimme a hackathon!

The conference will allow for up to 4 hackathon sessions. The session will be approx. 3 hours in a seperate room. The hackathon moderator will give a short introduction into the topic and then... hack, hack, hack...

Sponsored travelling

For those willing to moderate a hackathon we'll be able to provide a sponsoring for travel/accomodtion of up to 500 EUR.

So if you want to hold a hackathon at YAPCE Europe 2007, please contact the apw-orga AT mailing list.

Hackathon sessions registerd

  • none so far...

Suggested hackathon topics

  • Catalyst
  • POE
  • DBI
  • mod_perl
  • Parrot / Perl 6
  • ... you name it ...

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