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Mon. 27.08 Preconference Meeting / Early Registration

For people who arrive early (i.e. on Monday) there will be a Pre-Conference Meeting where you can also register (and get your goodie bag!). This event starts at 19:00 in a pub near the venue: Centimeter III

The pub serves food and drinks. Beer is 3 Euro for half a liter ("Krügerl"), but you can also order a 3 or 5 liter portable tap. Food is cheap and plenty and comes with "funny" names. You can get various breads by the centimeter, and stuff like a wheel barrow full of trash or the sword. They also have a menu in English.

See also the Open Guide to Vienna entry for a map, "things nearby", and links to reviews.

If you're arriving early and can't wait to meet Perl people, you can help us doing last minute things at the venue. Give us a call at +43 699 818 32 139 and we'll navigate you to were we are.

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