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Roughly, the best route seems to be Eurostar to Brussels, Thalys from Brussels to Cologne, then CityNightLine (hotel sleeper train) overnight to Vienna. has much more information and links to buy tickets.

Flying From Heathrow (LHR) to Vienna (VIE)

Sunday 26th August, Austrian Airlines flight 454, 12:55-16:20

* Oliver Gorwits (StayingAtArkadenhof)

Monday 27th August flight BA0704 at 14:55 to Vienna (VIE)

* Peter Edwards (‎peterdragon‎) (StayingAtLevanteParliament)

Returning to Heathrow from Vienna

Thursday 30th August flight BA0701 at 14:15

* Peter Edwards (‎peterdragon‎)

Thursday 30th August, Austrian Airlines flight 457, 19:45-21:20

* Oliver Gorwits

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