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Interesting things to eat and drink in Vienna

Some local specialities:



A small street shop (usually a very small building looking a bit like a toll booth (image)) selling hot sausages, hot dogs and beer. They are usually open until very late and often the only place to get food after midnight. The perfect place to get a ...


We just say: "a Eitrige mit an Buckel und a 16er-Blech, oba Jennifa"...


A cheap way to fill your stomach is to buy a 'Wurstsemmel' (roll with sausage, ham, cheese, whatever). Most supermarkets (all Billa and Spar, some Zielpunkt) offer ready-made Wurstsemmeln, or you can order them fresh at the sausage counter. Another nice treat is hot 'Käseleberkäse', which is Leberkäse with small cheese chunks inside - you should eat it hot in a 'Semmel'!


Weisser Gspritzer

aka 'white wine spritzer'


"Sturm" (literally "storm") is grape juice halfway on it's way to wine. It's a hazy liquid, definitly contains alcohol, is very good for your digestiv system (make sure to have a toilet near the next day, if you drink too much of it!) & tastes sweet. Sturm is only available a short time from end of August to October. Thomas Klausner (‎domm‎) loves it! Roland Giersig too! :-) Especially the red variety, which is hard to come by...

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