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CPAN is currently lacking and actively maintained categorization
and there was not way to add tags to the modules either.

CPAN::Forum helps filling the void by providing an interface to add tags to the CPAN modules.
The created tags are available in several formats and can be used in the search engines or other tools to help
people locate CPAN modules.

Registered users of CPAN::Forum can add tags to each module.
After logging in,

  • Visit the homepage of the module (there are links from both CPAN search engines to the "Discussion Forum" but the standard is the same as elsewhere:
  • Fill in the empty box with comma separated tags (spaces are allowed in the tags)
  • Press "Update my tags"

There is a link in the menu to "my tags" where you can see your tags.
The link is

There is also a link called tags where you
can see all the tags already

IMHO it will start to be useful once there are 10-15 thousand tags

CPAN::Forum competition on YAPC::EU

On you can see the stat of the top taggers.
The 3 top taggers on YAPC::EU will win. Presents will be given out. Not only that they will also help the Perl community.

You can already put tags, there is no restriction when you start it.


Please put your YAPC::EU id and link to your CPAN::Forum tags here:

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