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CPAN Forum Tagging competition

You might or might not know that several weeks ago I added tagging
capability to CPAN::Forum so users can add tags to any of the CPAN modules.

The data is exported in several formats
(see )
and can be used in search engines or other tools to help
people locate CPAN modules.

IMHO it will start to be useful once there are 10-15 thousand tags

So I would like to organize a little competition for the YAPC::EU participants.

On you can see the stat of the top taggers.
The 3 participants on YAPC::EU who are going to be on the highest positions
will get some present from me. 1

If the organizers agree I'll give the presents during the auction.

What is not clear yet *when* am I going to check who are the winners?
It might be 2-3 days before YAPC
or on the first day
or right before the auction. We'll see.

One of the methods I have been using for tagging is to search for a module on
one of the search engines or
and then click on the "Discussion forum" link.

Happy tagging

Gabor Szabo (‎szabgab‎)

1 Obviously if someone just puts in crap tags I'll remove all the tags.
Also I expect people no more than 3 tags on average on every module.

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