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Birmingham To Vienna

A number of members, family and friends are travelling from Birmingham to Vienna this year. In the hope of co-ordinating flights and other travel plans, please add any appropriate details of your travel to Vienna below.

TRAVEL - Outbound

Saturday 25th

Sunday 26th

Monday 27th

Via Manchester

  • BinGOs : arriving at hotel at approx. 9pm

Lufthansa, 2 legs
flight LH4911, BHX -> MUC (departs 10:55, arrives 13:55)
flight LH3558, MUC -> VIE (departs 15:15, arrives 16:20)

Flight not booked

TRAVEL - Return

Thursday 30th

Friday 31st

Via Manchester

  • BinGOs : Flying back in the morning

Lufthansa, 2 legs
flight LH6329, VIE -> MUC (departs 19:35, arrives 20:40)
flight LH4916, MUC -> BHX (departs 21:15, arrives 22:30)

Saturday 1st

Lufthansa, 2 legs
flight LH3555, VIE -> MUC (departs 13:00, arrives 14:00)
flight LH4916, MUC -> BHX (departs 15:20, arrives 16:35)

Flight not booked

Sunday 2nd


The "official" hotel is Mercure Imlauer Nestroy Wien.

* Phil Ironside (‎redspike‎) is staying at the AUustria Trend Hotel Albatros

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