Perl6-in-Perl6 and Perl6-in-Perl5

Perl6-in-Perl6 and Perl6-in-Perl5

By Flavio Glock (‎fglock‎) from
Date: Thursday, 30 August 2007 11:00
Duration: 180 minutes
Target audience: Any

You can find more information on the speaker's site: is a Perl 6 implementation that can be used and improved today, by any Perl 5 user. It requires no C, Parrot, or Haskell knowledge; CPAN modules is all that's needed.

Advanced level: Improving and Pugs::Compiler::Rule.

Newbie level: writing Perl 6 programs and CPAN modules with; writing grammars with Pugs::Compiler::Rule.

MiniPerl6 is a working implementation of a subset of Perl 6, written in MiniPerl6.

Advanced level: implementing MiniPerl6 backends; parsing and running "STD"; Perl6-in-Perl6 planning.

Newbie level: MiniPerl6 and KindaPerl6 tests and documentation.

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