Techniques for Remote System-Monitoring

Techniques for Remote System-Monitoring

By Roland Giersig from
Date: Tuesday, 28 August 2007 11:50
Duration: 40 minutes
Target audience: Intermediate

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System Monitoring
* The Basics:
- What, How, When, Which
* Local vs Remote Checks
* Live Data vs. Historization
* Ready-Made vs. Build-Your-Own

Techniques for Build-Your-Own
* Using 'File::Tail' to count log-lines
- watching multiple logfiles at once
* Collecting system data with 'nmon'
- things learned from wrapping 'nmon'
* Safely using 'ssh'
- 'authorized_hosts'
* Connecting to multiple sites via 'ssh'
- collecting information from several remote systems at once
* Pushing code and modules to remote sites
- running perl scripts on other systems without installing them (or the modules they need) there
* Collecting data: data formats to use
* Storing data into RRDs (Round-Robin-Databases)
- using the 'RRDp' module
* Creating graphs from RRDs manually
* Creating graphs with 'drraw'

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