Perl 5.10 Regular Expressions

Perl 5.10 Regular Expressions

By Yves Orton (‎demerphq‎) from
Date: Thursday, 30 August 2007 11:40
Duration: 60 minutes
Target audience: Any

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An overview of the new features and optimisations in the perl 5.10 regular expression engine.

This covers pretty much all of the new regex features, named capture buffers, recursive patters, new backreference syntax, the new /p (preserve) regex modifier, the \K (keep pattern), the "branch reset patter". New optimisations like trie's and aho-corasick matching.

This talk also includes a discussion of using the regex debugger, using other regular expression engines, as well as some comparisons of how various things (such as recursive matching) can be done in versions before 5.10.

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