Object Meta Programming

Object Meta Programming

By Yuval Kogman (‎nothingmuch‎)
Date: Wednesday, 29 August 2007 14:45
Duration: 40 minutes
Target audience: Any

Object meta programming is a hot topic nowadays, with Perl 6's feature set materializing and Moose gaining acceptance.

Meta programming, especially unstructured, is prevalent in most projects. Things such as object persistence, dynamic code, and establishing a common base class typically involve a degree of meta programming. This talk will try to get you thinking of such problems from a meta object perspective.

This talk is both a followup to the Moose introduction and a standalone discussion of meta programming. It will help you make better use of Moose's full strength as a meta object protocol rather than just a cute class generation syntax. However, the focus is on the general approach as opposed to the details of Moose, making it useful regardless of whether you use Moose, another toolkit, or even another language.

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