YAPC::Europe 2007 in Vienna

Update your calendar! 28th to 30th August 2007 will see another great YAPC::Europe, the biggest yearly Perl Event in Europe. This year it is happening in Vienna, Austria, at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.

"YAPC" stands for Yet Another Perl Conference and is a series of low-cost, grassroot conference organsised by local Perl user groups.


Survey Results

Mon, 31th Mar 2008
After quite some time, we (that is, Andrea) finally found some time to take a close look at the feedback we got via the survey from all attendees. We got back 205 replies (60.3% - very impressiv, thanks!) and some very good suggestions for future YAPC organisers.
Survey Results
Freeform Feedback, with comments by the orgas

Some more News

Wed, 22 Aug 2007
First of all, this YAPC seems to get the biggest YAPC::Europe ever, with currently more then 400 registered attendees, and more than 320 who actually paid their ticket (or will give a talk). Wow! Now for the news: WLAN: We’ve written up some informations on how to get on the WLAN at [...] [ more ]

YAPC news update

Sun, 19 Aug 2007
Attendees Dinner We’re getting quite a lot of attendees! This YAPC might be the biggest YAPC::Europe ever! While the venue is big enough to handle the onslaught, the location for the attendees dinner might turn out too small. more … Sponsors There are also several international companies sponsoring the event. more … Several of them are also participating in [...] [ more ]

Unfortunately …

Thu, 09 Aug 2007
… we have to announce that our guest speaker Audrey Tang can’t make it to the YAPC::EU 2007. Her talks about Jifty will be held by Chia-Liang Kao (clakao), Jifty co-author and Best Practical managing partner. We whish her all the best. [ more ]

Attendees dinner is full

Tue, 07 Aug 2007
First, the bad news… Since the capacity of the dinner venue is limited, and we have far more conferece attendees than expected (which itself is a good news), we unfortunately have to announce that the attendees dinner is full. If you hold a talk, have paid the business tariff, or have paid (any other tariff) until [...] [ more ]

Attendees dinner is getting full

Mon, 30 Jul 2007
We are limited to 320 seats for the dinner so we have to apply our “first come first serve” principle for the dinner. Seats will be commited in order of incoming payments, so be sure the grab your seat and buy your ticket in case you haven’t done so! Please also inform us on time [...] [ more ]

More news at the YAPC::Europe 2007 blog

Star guests


Regular attendance costs 100 Euro, and 80 Euros for students. Early birds only pay 80 Euros (if paid until 31st March 2007). There is also a voluntary business/sponsor tariff at 200 Euros, which is an easy way to sponsor YAPC::Europe 2007 and Perl in general.

You will not only get three days packed with interesting talks and people, but also a goodie bag, a conference t-shirt, an invitation to the attendees dinner and the unique opportunity to see renowned members of the Perl community with orange mohawks.

As YAPC::Europe is a community-driven conference, we're not in it for the profit. But should we make one, all money will be used for funding further Perl 5|6 development, future YAPC::Europes and for advancing Perl usage / the Perl community in Austria.

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