do { "TDD and refactoring" } or die "trying"

By Adam Bartosik from,
Date: Wednesday, 13 August 2008 15:10
Duration: 30 minutes
Tags: catalyst engineering refactoring services social tdd web

Your web project is growing. More features, more business requirements. Do you have a time to think about future? Future of your project, at least?

I will cover many things related to project development in Perl (from developer and manager point of view) which could be suitable to start refactoring, changing and extending your project codebase. Make your old perl project fresh and new!
- test driven development, how to introduce it (all people are talking about it but how we can just start doing it?)
- introducing mental changes in your company. You can do it, you are not alone
- project releasing and agile
- modularization
- switch to modern approaches, libraries and frameworks (OOP, Catalyst), satisfy your business and save world... err... money
- from CGI and mod_perl to Catalyst
- why people are afraid about changes?
- breaking stability or improving quality?
- make your perl beautiful, make your work better. Get more for less.

Technical short summary:
shell scripts, Makefile, perl-critic, Test::*, Catalyst

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